2009. október 10., szombat

whats next?

Hi all!

I havent posted for a while, and for a good reason. I feel myself between two stages of life, but the funny thing is that i dont really know what will come. Either work or else?

The college is over, i graduated, I applied for work at a couple of places, and we will see. The problem is that i want to continue studying but without money its not easy, I also want to do a lot other things, but till i have some answers i cant really start them. Its quite frustrating and demoralizing.

So this is why i dont really post nowadays. Nevertheless i post some pics about what happened to me since my last posts.

Hopefully i will have some answers soon!
after eating a whole melon! Balaton lake.

with dad and bro at Balaton, after my bro's graduation

After graduation with friends

So i will be back, hopefully soon!

Have a fruitfull day, all of you!