2009. február 23., hétfő


I had today my usual training, it was good, but I did not feel quite strong. The weather really bad out here, I mean, really.

I started to read a book from Einstein, "How do I see the world,, Its quite intresting, I really like Einstein, he was very much like me, I mean in spiritually, of course I am not a genius as he was, but he was also a pacifist and had the same views on lot of thing, btw he was a vegetarian of course.
I really became intrested nowadays in psychic as I realize the power of mind. Its good to read the toughts of such an incredible mind. The book is not only about psychics but rather about the world and little politcs (it was written in the early twentieth century, so in the nazi atmosphere), and about the human life.

Anyway, I had today about 20 bananas, some dried fruits, few oranges and half kilo(1pound) tomatoes. Thats all for today.

2009. február 22., vasárnap

Weekend at Home

I was at home in this weekend, I had to study and write a lot. I have to finish my college certificate (or diploma work) this weekend, so I have to work a lot.
I had some arguments with my father, but everything is Ok now... we visited the local zoo and I found the picture of Jane Goodall there!
Its amazing, she was there a couple of years ago, in the zoo of Pécs. And you have to know that Pécs is not a big city!

This is especially exciting to me cos I have just finised a Jane Goodall book in the train, the Harvest For Hope.
I read it in one week. Very good, recommended for reading! :) Its about environmentally sustainable living and how our food choices affect the rest of the world.

BAck to training.
I did some biceps and triceps and a little streching in the weekend, not much, but I still feel the hard training of the week, so I needed the rest.
I could manage to eat about 3500 or even 4000 cals a dayin the weekend, so it was good.

Here is one pic, I made it last week.

I try to post pics every week so you and me :) can see my progress.

Peace and love!

2009. február 16., hétfő


Training again

Last week I trained 4 tims in the gym and 2 times at home, though those were easier.
I am back in Budapest, dorm, I have trained today as well. I was shopping in the local market before training but I could not get really good fruits. I boughts some really good celery and some ripe bananas(very rare). The price of fruits is very high nowadays, really, the highest in the winter. I can hardly wait the spring and fresh fruits!

My Diet is very simple recently because there are not so much fruit avilable. Only bananas(got very expensive recently) and oranges. The problem is that they are not ripened and usually not organic. I also eat some dates and dehydrated peaches nowadays to ensure my caloric intake.

I eat very big amounts but it is necessary for weight gain.
I find it easy to gain waight on raw food diet. When I went vegan I lost about 5kg, 10pounds, but since that I gained it back on raw food. :)

I like this lifestyle very much. I meet lot of people who have not even heard about anything like this. Really, people in Hungary usually dont even know what is vegan. And find it strange that I dont eat dairy and eggs, and fish, cos that is HEALTHY! :)
They say...
People usually get information from tv shows and magazines(new diet for weight loss every weeks). And they try to lecture me. Usually I am very patient, and this is the key, be calm and they became calm, they ask then I answer :)
I coach a couple of people nowadays in hungary, where and how to start, some do it well, some not. I have to admit that even I am still in the very beggining. SO far so good as they say.
I enjoy my vitality, lifestyle and my beautiful skin that used to be very bad and made me really depressed and ruined my life.... :) I would do it again, even only for this...

The outside temperature is minus ten celsius so pretty good :) Its snowing all week. I like snow but I admit I would rather live in a tropical country, where I can pick my fruits. Here I can only do it during summer and autumm. I told this just to let you know that you can be raw even when its could out there.

So, Here is some pics about my current state. I just started to train really hard and gain weight so it will be better, though I think I am in a very good shape according to raw vegan standards :)
(by this I mean that raw vegans usually dont work out, rather run or etc... :) )


2009. február 8., vasárnap

Starting again

Hy everybody. Its my first blog ever. Why do I even write a blog? A good question.
Well without telling about my past I tell about my future. I am a raw vegan for a while, but recently I started falling of the wagon, not seriously but still.
Today I had some vegan sushi with my bro, and however it was good I am not so happy about it cos I seriously believe in raw veganism.

But as I said I do not want to talk about what happened. I tell what I want to do. I am happy, young filled with energy and I am more commited than ever.
The weather is getting better and fresh fruits are coming back again, yesterday I planted many kinds of lettuces and celery.

I was training all weekend and I want to train harder than ever before. I hear tooooo many times that we cant thrive on raw plant foods. Mostly from people who are ignorant and non educated. Well dont get me wrong, I dont do for them, I dont want to change anybody or prove anything. I already know deep in my heart what to do. It alredy gave me too much to give up.

so long story short :) This will be my training and nutrition blog including my results and experiences. This will be my never-ending story how I try to live naturally in an unnatural world.

I dedicate this blog to people who look for advice, to people who can give me advice, who can support and to people who want to change the world for the better, and maybe one day this unnatural world will be natural again.