2009. március 29., vasárnap

weekend at last

I had a very very busy week. I am glad that it ended. I had to study a lot and finish my college certification(diploma work). I also applyed to 4 works, I sent letters and cv and etc...

I trained almost every day, running and weight lifting. Training was my only relief from other thing. really.

I can say that this was almost my most busy week for a long time. I see people saying that they dont have time for training or to be healthy. And I look at their actions and I see that yeah, they are right, they dont have time for things like running, or bb. Why? Cos they do something else. They watch tv or surf on the internet all day long, not knowing what they are really looking for.

The thing is that everybody have the same amount of time every day! Its up to us how we spend it. Whether we spend it in the nature planting trees or in the room watching youtube vids, its our decision.

I always want to do something important every day. I read every day, so this way I can read 3-4 books a month, in hungarian, english or german. Nowadays people dont even read at all, and this is really sad thing, cos you dont need a lot of time, couple of ours a week and its done. And you can combine things, like reading while eating(I do) or while traveling.

I also learn languages every day. I always listen to german language lessons when I walk in the city, this way I listen about 1-3 hours a day! :) while doing something else. :)

I just want to say that there is more than enough time to everything. I always find some freetime when I need it.

So back to my week :)
I come to my mothers place this weekend. Its a small village, about 80km from the capital, not really far but still... far from the noisy crowded ctiy.

I spent a lot in the garden this weekend. I planted lettuces and celerys, and some wild greens(later)
I made a compost hole in the garden and explained my mother why is it important. I actually tought her about organic gardening :) Its funny :) and I explained why mono cultures are not as good as a properly combined garden.

I also planted strawberries, what my grandmother gave me:

I also got some bananas and some frozen fruits :)

My grandma used to give me bubble gums and chips ans candies...

My bro come home this weekend from Germany and I made a big green salad for him :)

Its from lettuces and cucumber plus some wild herbs I collected in the local forest.

Its in season so the forest was full of it!
Check this out:

Its amazing, isnt it?
Its all edible. Wild, organic. I was walking there and eating right from the ground :)
Its called "medve hagyma" what is "bear onion" In straight translation :) Probably there is an english name for it.

Long story short: I have had a very good weekend and I feel more energetic and relieved.

Thanks for listening!

2009. március 21., szombat

dorm life :)

hi guys

I spend the entire weekend at Budapest, in the dorm. I did not want to go home cos I have to learn and do some homework.

This week was crazy. I was training and running all day. I was in gym 4 times and I will go tomorrow also so its 5 for the week. And I run 6 times, I just came back from a solid 7 km, i did it yesterday too.

The more I run the better i feel, really. In 811 I feel there are no limits. I think once we understand that there are infinite possibilities we can really live our life that we really want.

Do you live your dreams or just dream your life? ask yourself. :)

today i had:
2 kilos of oranges in the morning
8 bananas after(in the local market)
4kilos of oranges after running
this is so far, Probably I will have more oranges later.

I made some pics for you on my run:

these the oranges i bought today, 11kg

getting ready to run

this is the place where I usually run, its 3.5 km form the dorm. I always go up to the lookout tower, (in the middle of the pic)

This is it. its very popular when the weather is good.

look! I come from there.
Nice view from the tower.

refueling after the run

this is what I read now: organic gardening guide(hungarian)

I hope you enjoy my pics!

2009. március 18., szerda

McDonalds at Greenexpo?

Hi folks!

I spent the weekend in Budapest cos I had some plan.
One of them was a movie marathor in the local cinema... but this is not qoute important though it was fun :)

I also visited the Greenexpo and Gardenexpo in sunday. There was also an orchidea exhibition, or show. The whole thing was about environmental protection and gardening and recycling.
I really enjoy this kind of things and I always go and see them.

It was fun of course, I saw many beautiful flowers and garden stuff.

But there was one thing I did not understand...
McDonalds was also there.

A guy, dressed as robert mcdonald, talked about environmental protection and how mc do this.
fuck, of course it was directed to zhe little ones cos he had a little show for them.
I was really upset... Even here, in a garden show, kids see mcdonalds... and even believe that they do a good thing when they buy mc stuff...

The sad thing is that its all about money, and mc know that the little ones will be potentional customers and potential cancer patients as well... but this nobody tell them.

So be careful where you bring the kids, cos nowadays, you cant know what will you find..
This is what I bougth yesterday:


2009. március 14., szombat

where is your protein, ...or rather where is your commitment

I dont have much time recently, and this is a good thing cos I train a lot! :)
I Trained this week 5 times (weight lifting) and I also run every day. I realized that the more I move the better I feel. I think this is a big key in staying on track on raw food. We have to use the energy that is given us. Especially in 811, the more I train the better fruit tastes :) much better digestion and better mood at all.
It also helps me eat more than I would otherwise.

Check out this huge orange! (was not so good as it looks like...)

Today I had:
-2.5 kg of oranges and plus a couple grapefruits (best oranges ever! sweet and juicy)
- 15 bananas( very good and ripe ones)
-0.3kg dried mango
-0.5kg dried peaches(lots of calories in there)
-2 stalks of celery
its about 3000-4000cals,

I also eat kiwis nowadays, some of them is huge!

I really started to see Improvements both in muscle mass and endurance. Its inbelivable how much faster I recover and heal after trainings. If I cut myself or anything, it heals twice as fast as it used to. But I used to consider myself a healthy person also when I ate meat and everything. I eat one big salad every day and lot of fruits but added a lot of chicken... farmed... :( I did not know anything about them that time...
Nor did I know about calories, and how important they are, my only concern was protein... the old story...

the problem is that most people still believe the protein mith. My roomates commented that I dont eat any protein and that I used to be much muscular.... Of course, I losed weight, but gaining back. They are saying this when they dont train at all, I outlift all of them and outrun. they always tired and complaining etc... I guess its not an unknown story to others like me :)

However its really annoying, I find it usefull, cos it makes me train even harder and run faster and lift more, and so I can show that its possible to be strong and healthy and not the lack of protein is the reason why they are not strong or why they dont win... its the lack of commitment and steadiness.


2009. március 6., péntek


Finally spring is here :)
The last couple of weeks were really bad, snow, ice rain, fog... I could not run or walk in the street because of the bad weahter. But suddenly it changed in the beginning of this week, and today was amazing. I am at my mother's place, I come here In every second weekend usually.
There is a small lake nearby where I love to walk. Its beautiful, so goood place to think or relax.

I also visited my grandma who has been diagnosed with diabetes recently. When I was with her she gave me some tangerines and oranges, and said that she should not eat them cos they are too sweet... the usual case.... but she puts sugar in her tee and eat all the animal fats... I did not want to argue with her, nooo.... but I told her that se can eat all the fruits she care for, but rather watch for the fats...

My other granny also has diabetes for years now... and she too told me the bullshit that doctors told her that she could not eat our fresh grapes because of the sugar in it.... OMG. But she likes ice cream and chocholate... really she ate it in front of me when I was eating grapes... "just a little bit..."

but I dont really care, I always say that there is another way but people dont want to hear it, and I dont bother them when its the case.

however my relatives start to accept my diet cos I am still alive so far :)
thats a good sign...
They said that its defficent... iron or calcium or protein ot something, usually they dont even know with what...
but as I said they started to accept that actually we can live on fruits...

I still hear sometimes them when they talk to a so called doctor and he or she says that I am crazy and I should eat milk and cheese and meat cos I will be veryyy sick or something... I just laugh then...

I have to study a lot nowadays but I am happy cos the weather is better and there is more and more fruits coming in season, so everything is ok.

i will post some pics of my progresss when I go to the gym next week!
peace & love