2009. április 8., szerda

busy busy busy.... really?

Busy busy busy.... its a word that I dont really like to use nowadays but I have to admit at least to myself that its true now. Or is it?
As the final exams and graduation comes closer things get a little crowded. Getting up early, 6 am, and going to bed late. I start to feel the need of a good and pleasant rest. Usually I can get i tat weekends. yes I know that its not the best but this is all I can do.
well as I said I things are a little crowded nowadays but I make them more crowded

In addition to learn after uni and to be there 8 hours a day I never skipped training.
And this is what I want to talk about now a little bit.
As I learn and grow nowadays I percieve things different than others and different than I used to.
As we realize that time is infinite and everybody has the same ammount every day no matter who he is , be a president or a beggar. As we realize that we only face problems and things to do that we attracted to ourselves and there are not things like „must do” or „I have to” cos ultimately we want them. The problem is that most people want only the result and the successes without the work that is needed to achieve it even when in most cases thats more important.

If you want the end result, you have to want the work.

If you dont want to do for it then you dont really want it.
If you want to be a marathon runner then you have to love running!

Complaining about others and blaming the circumstances out of our very control will never gonna lead to success and to things we desire.
Its sad but this is what I see in everyday life. People are totally out of control of their life. They work for late ours hating the work they do and hating the life they have, but one thing is common that they dont really want to change it.

I only have a couple of hours freetime these days but still, I go to gym every day and after I go and run that 5-or 10 km every afternoon or nights. Why? Cos thats what I want, this Is what I love to do. I want to be fit, so I do for it. I want to win copmetitions so I train for it. I want to speak other languages so I study every day, even if its only a coupple of words that I can learn a day.
A life without purpose and goal Is not really a life. I want a life thats worth living!

So what did I do today? Let me tell it:

I got Up at 6:30 am then I headed to the uni. I was there for 1300
then came a short visit to the local market where I bought my fuel for today and tomorrow.
from 14-15 Gym- training
then after eating my after train meal what was of course bananas I headed to the dorm.
After I arrived I read a while to gain some motivation and strenght cos I also wanted tor un a little bit.
16- yoga, streching, some push-and pull ups and of course the 5 tibetans!
after this little warming up I was ready to move! Where? To the lookout tower nearby that I mentioned my last post. so it made up 7 km. It has some very steep places so it was fun. 
actually it was all the training that I done today, I do this almost every day or even more at weekends if I can.
I pretty much eat only oranges and bananas nowadays, with some lettuce sometimes and some dates.

now I check my emails and 30BAD of course I grab some oranges and lettuce and read a little bit then sleep I guess. 

I finished my last book recently about the centenarians of the andes. Now I am reading an amazing short e-book from James Allen: As A Man Thinketh.

Awesome and mind blowing must read book fo everybody who want to be in control of his/her life.
its short and easy to read. It can be downloadaed free at the higenic library. I read it second times cos its so good. Probably I will read it many more times.
I try to help people nowadays achieving their goals. I see that they want it but dont do for It. But they only have to start it and take the first step and when they really believe themself that it can be achieved then it is. They have to trust in themselves enough, enough to do what said to be impossible what others said that they cannot do or be or have.

so if there are anybody out there reading this post right now thinking about what they want to do or what they have always wanted to do but never could because reasons out of their control, if you want to change something in your life, then do it! Take the first step in faith! Take it now, dont wait for others and dont blame the circumstances and believe in yourself. Each and every one of us has problems and times of hardship, its natural, dont fight them, rather accept them and the world will opens up for you.

„Cherish your visions; cherish your ideals. Cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts. For out of them will grow all delightful conditions, all the heavenly environment; of these, if you but remain true to them, your world will at last be built.”

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