2009. április 25., szombat

what happened recently?

I havent posted anything recently so its time to do it!
I had to study a lot, and apply for jobs at several places, and medical, psychically and psychological test everywhere. Cos I applyed to some "special" and to dangeorus job. :) (its funny to say that but its true.)

I was also focusing on training recently. Besides the usual hard weight training, I started to run very seriously, about 10km every day, after gym. And yoga of course almost every day.
So because of all these things I did not have time to post, and I also collected my thoughts and pictures.

I am very happy nowadys cos the weather is sooo good around here, I always sunbath at weekends at home or at my mothers place.

Last week I was at home,(Pécs-southern Hungary, where I and my dad live 2010-cultural capitol of europe, with Istanbul...) I had a very good walk with my father, here are some pics. :

we saw this funny dog while walking up the hill

All the trees were in flower! I love it.

Isnt it beautiful?

Pécs is situated at a mountainside, the mountain Mecsek is not a big mountain, only 600m high, but has some beautiful places. This is the city from one of the big hills. Its close to our home, so it did not take long to visit this place with dad.

We also have a garden, a little farther from the city, about 5km from our home. I go there always when I come home, cos I planted a lot greens there :)

This is a tulip in the garden, my grandma planted it.

Last weekend I had an amazing bike trip with my friends. I was very happy that we could arrange this ride cos we could hardly ever meet, everybody learns or works at different places. So I was glad that we could meet. In the "old" days :) we started hiking together, at the age of 14 we started with 30km, and every weekend we increased the kms, even up to 100km on foot! without stop! that was the most I have done without rest but I am planning to do it again or even increase!

so, here are some pics:

When I am at home I can eat my own lettuces from the garden, organic, fresh :) I planted, i picked, I ate. perfect.
I realized that how much I love green smothies. Simply bananas and lettuces. This way I had 5-6 head of lettuces a day :)

I also love mono orange smothies, no water added. This we I can eat about 3kg of oranges at once. I eat them and never drink them! :)

I have some pictures that I made during this week, check them out! :)

I made these pic in the dorm, Budapest. I started to eat the oranges with lettuce, even as a salad, very good, not mono, but still good for the last meal. I addes some tomatos for the taste :)

you can see that I eat a lot. But this is becaues oranges are much cheaper than bananas now and i have to eat much more from oranges for the same ammount of calories. I actually really love them, if they are ripe!

Now I am at my mothers place, Soponya, little village. We also have a little garden here where I work usually, I planted a lot greens here some weeks ago and also made a compost for my mother :)

yesterday when I arrived I was very tired, I was at a millitary hospital all day, they checked my blod, urine samples, eye, ears, and much more what I dont want to mention here.... :)

so when I finally arrived her I went out to the lake nearby to relax a bit. I did the five tibetans and also meditated for a while there.

I felt much more energized after it.

so. This is pretty much what happened to my recently.

I feel very happy now for numeorus reasons. I have only one week left from the school, though after I will have the final exams. I am also happy because I am planning to visit a fellow raw vegan in Wien,(Vienna). I have to tell that I havent met any nor do I have met any vegans after one years of 811! Basically I got my support and motivation from internet, I shared my thoughts with friends all over the world. But this time I can meet someone who thinks and feels and lives the same way as I do.

I met her at the 30BAD so thank you Freelea and Harley for creating this site.
So I am looking forward to meting her, more than anything else.

Thank you guys for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, at least the pics.


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  1. hello,
    im about 1-2 months on 811.
    And i wanted to ask you about the training that you do. can you describe for example the exercises that you do and how many repetitions.
    And another one, how do you use 30BAD to find the people around you in your area?
    thanks :)

  2. hi!

    I train about 4-5 times a week, weight training. They are very intensive, short or no rest, 30mins to 1hour per day. day1- chest, back and shoulders
    day2- abs, lower back, legs
    day3-same as 1
    day4-same as 2
    sometimes I add a day 5 with day1 training.
    And in weekends I usually do biceps triceps together almost no rest so its fast but effective.
    I always use the biggest weight with that I am abele to do 8 reps.

    I run about 3 times a week, 5-10kms, but at the weekend i go hiking, 30-100km, or cycling, long distance.

    I am focusing on improving my endurance lately, getting into competative cycling.

    I hope it helps, good luck on your training.

  3. Hey Balázs! I loved the pictures! I went to Pécs once, for a week, that was so beautiful to walk up to the camping site, which was near the top of the mountain. And the panorama was so lovely!

    Thanks for sharing! Keep up the good work, and I hope you had a fantastic time with the girl in Wien.