2009. március 29., vasárnap

weekend at last

I had a very very busy week. I am glad that it ended. I had to study a lot and finish my college certification(diploma work). I also applyed to 4 works, I sent letters and cv and etc...

I trained almost every day, running and weight lifting. Training was my only relief from other thing. really.

I can say that this was almost my most busy week for a long time. I see people saying that they dont have time for training or to be healthy. And I look at their actions and I see that yeah, they are right, they dont have time for things like running, or bb. Why? Cos they do something else. They watch tv or surf on the internet all day long, not knowing what they are really looking for.

The thing is that everybody have the same amount of time every day! Its up to us how we spend it. Whether we spend it in the nature planting trees or in the room watching youtube vids, its our decision.

I always want to do something important every day. I read every day, so this way I can read 3-4 books a month, in hungarian, english or german. Nowadays people dont even read at all, and this is really sad thing, cos you dont need a lot of time, couple of ours a week and its done. And you can combine things, like reading while eating(I do) or while traveling.

I also learn languages every day. I always listen to german language lessons when I walk in the city, this way I listen about 1-3 hours a day! :) while doing something else. :)

I just want to say that there is more than enough time to everything. I always find some freetime when I need it.

So back to my week :)
I come to my mothers place this weekend. Its a small village, about 80km from the capital, not really far but still... far from the noisy crowded ctiy.

I spent a lot in the garden this weekend. I planted lettuces and celerys, and some wild greens(later)
I made a compost hole in the garden and explained my mother why is it important. I actually tought her about organic gardening :) Its funny :) and I explained why mono cultures are not as good as a properly combined garden.

I also planted strawberries, what my grandmother gave me:

I also got some bananas and some frozen fruits :)

My grandma used to give me bubble gums and chips ans candies...

My bro come home this weekend from Germany and I made a big green salad for him :)

Its from lettuces and cucumber plus some wild herbs I collected in the local forest.

Its in season so the forest was full of it!
Check this out:

Its amazing, isnt it?
Its all edible. Wild, organic. I was walking there and eating right from the ground :)
Its called "medve hagyma" what is "bear onion" In straight translation :) Probably there is an english name for it.

Long story short: I have had a very good weekend and I feel more energetic and relieved.

Thanks for listening!

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