2009. február 23., hétfő


I had today my usual training, it was good, but I did not feel quite strong. The weather really bad out here, I mean, really.

I started to read a book from Einstein, "How do I see the world,, Its quite intresting, I really like Einstein, he was very much like me, I mean in spiritually, of course I am not a genius as he was, but he was also a pacifist and had the same views on lot of thing, btw he was a vegetarian of course.
I really became intrested nowadays in psychic as I realize the power of mind. Its good to read the toughts of such an incredible mind. The book is not only about psychics but rather about the world and little politcs (it was written in the early twentieth century, so in the nazi atmosphere), and about the human life.

Anyway, I had today about 20 bananas, some dried fruits, few oranges and half kilo(1pound) tomatoes. Thats all for today.

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