2009. február 8., vasárnap

Starting again

Hy everybody. Its my first blog ever. Why do I even write a blog? A good question.
Well without telling about my past I tell about my future. I am a raw vegan for a while, but recently I started falling of the wagon, not seriously but still.
Today I had some vegan sushi with my bro, and however it was good I am not so happy about it cos I seriously believe in raw veganism.

But as I said I do not want to talk about what happened. I tell what I want to do. I am happy, young filled with energy and I am more commited than ever.
The weather is getting better and fresh fruits are coming back again, yesterday I planted many kinds of lettuces and celery.

I was training all weekend and I want to train harder than ever before. I hear tooooo many times that we cant thrive on raw plant foods. Mostly from people who are ignorant and non educated. Well dont get me wrong, I dont do for them, I dont want to change anybody or prove anything. I already know deep in my heart what to do. It alredy gave me too much to give up.

so long story short :) This will be my training and nutrition blog including my results and experiences. This will be my never-ending story how I try to live naturally in an unnatural world.

I dedicate this blog to people who look for advice, to people who can give me advice, who can support and to people who want to change the world for the better, and maybe one day this unnatural world will be natural again.

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