2009. február 22., vasárnap

Weekend at Home

I was at home in this weekend, I had to study and write a lot. I have to finish my college certificate (or diploma work) this weekend, so I have to work a lot.
I had some arguments with my father, but everything is Ok now... we visited the local zoo and I found the picture of Jane Goodall there!
Its amazing, she was there a couple of years ago, in the zoo of Pécs. And you have to know that Pécs is not a big city!

This is especially exciting to me cos I have just finised a Jane Goodall book in the train, the Harvest For Hope.
I read it in one week. Very good, recommended for reading! :) Its about environmentally sustainable living and how our food choices affect the rest of the world.

BAck to training.
I did some biceps and triceps and a little streching in the weekend, not much, but I still feel the hard training of the week, so I needed the rest.
I could manage to eat about 3500 or even 4000 cals a dayin the weekend, so it was good.

Here is one pic, I made it last week.

I try to post pics every week so you and me :) can see my progress.

Peace and love!

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