2009. március 6., péntek


Finally spring is here :)
The last couple of weeks were really bad, snow, ice rain, fog... I could not run or walk in the street because of the bad weahter. But suddenly it changed in the beginning of this week, and today was amazing. I am at my mother's place, I come here In every second weekend usually.
There is a small lake nearby where I love to walk. Its beautiful, so goood place to think or relax.

I also visited my grandma who has been diagnosed with diabetes recently. When I was with her she gave me some tangerines and oranges, and said that she should not eat them cos they are too sweet... the usual case.... but she puts sugar in her tee and eat all the animal fats... I did not want to argue with her, nooo.... but I told her that se can eat all the fruits she care for, but rather watch for the fats...

My other granny also has diabetes for years now... and she too told me the bullshit that doctors told her that she could not eat our fresh grapes because of the sugar in it.... OMG. But she likes ice cream and chocholate... really she ate it in front of me when I was eating grapes... "just a little bit..."

but I dont really care, I always say that there is another way but people dont want to hear it, and I dont bother them when its the case.

however my relatives start to accept my diet cos I am still alive so far :)
thats a good sign...
They said that its defficent... iron or calcium or protein ot something, usually they dont even know with what...
but as I said they started to accept that actually we can live on fruits...

I still hear sometimes them when they talk to a so called doctor and he or she says that I am crazy and I should eat milk and cheese and meat cos I will be veryyy sick or something... I just laugh then...

I have to study a lot nowadays but I am happy cos the weather is better and there is more and more fruits coming in season, so everything is ok.

i will post some pics of my progresss when I go to the gym next week!
peace & love

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