2009. március 21., szombat

dorm life :)

hi guys

I spend the entire weekend at Budapest, in the dorm. I did not want to go home cos I have to learn and do some homework.

This week was crazy. I was training and running all day. I was in gym 4 times and I will go tomorrow also so its 5 for the week. And I run 6 times, I just came back from a solid 7 km, i did it yesterday too.

The more I run the better i feel, really. In 811 I feel there are no limits. I think once we understand that there are infinite possibilities we can really live our life that we really want.

Do you live your dreams or just dream your life? ask yourself. :)

today i had:
2 kilos of oranges in the morning
8 bananas after(in the local market)
4kilos of oranges after running
this is so far, Probably I will have more oranges later.

I made some pics for you on my run:

these the oranges i bought today, 11kg

getting ready to run

this is the place where I usually run, its 3.5 km form the dorm. I always go up to the lookout tower, (in the middle of the pic)

This is it. its very popular when the weather is good.

look! I come from there.
Nice view from the tower.

refueling after the run

this is what I read now: organic gardening guide(hungarian)

I hope you enjoy my pics!

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