2009. március 14., szombat

where is your protein, ...or rather where is your commitment

I dont have much time recently, and this is a good thing cos I train a lot! :)
I Trained this week 5 times (weight lifting) and I also run every day. I realized that the more I move the better I feel. I think this is a big key in staying on track on raw food. We have to use the energy that is given us. Especially in 811, the more I train the better fruit tastes :) much better digestion and better mood at all.
It also helps me eat more than I would otherwise.

Check out this huge orange! (was not so good as it looks like...)

Today I had:
-2.5 kg of oranges and plus a couple grapefruits (best oranges ever! sweet and juicy)
- 15 bananas( very good and ripe ones)
-0.3kg dried mango
-0.5kg dried peaches(lots of calories in there)
-2 stalks of celery
its about 3000-4000cals,

I also eat kiwis nowadays, some of them is huge!

I really started to see Improvements both in muscle mass and endurance. Its inbelivable how much faster I recover and heal after trainings. If I cut myself or anything, it heals twice as fast as it used to. But I used to consider myself a healthy person also when I ate meat and everything. I eat one big salad every day and lot of fruits but added a lot of chicken... farmed... :( I did not know anything about them that time...
Nor did I know about calories, and how important they are, my only concern was protein... the old story...

the problem is that most people still believe the protein mith. My roomates commented that I dont eat any protein and that I used to be much muscular.... Of course, I losed weight, but gaining back. They are saying this when they dont train at all, I outlift all of them and outrun. they always tired and complaining etc... I guess its not an unknown story to others like me :)

However its really annoying, I find it usefull, cos it makes me train even harder and run faster and lift more, and so I can show that its possible to be strong and healthy and not the lack of protein is the reason why they are not strong or why they dont win... its the lack of commitment and steadiness.


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  1. hello :) i love your blog
    thoughs kiwis look realy good :)
    im thinking about starting raw within the next month as im feeling quite sleepy and slugish after ating alot of for example cereals and things
    xxxxx peony

  2. Yeah! start it when you feel ready, however the easiest way is to start it right over, 100% in the beginning. but its only an advice, I hope you succed!